Welcome to the Crave community! We believe in dreams of a better world that are way too big to realize alone. You know, God-sized dreams. Religious institutions have supported these kind of dreams, but now we yearn for enrichment that is deeper, more authentic, and extremely relevant. Local experts, movers-and-shakers, and deep pockets have gotten on board with supporting emerging leaders and their cravings for the collective common good.

That’s where you come in! Here at Crave, we are looking for young entrepreneurs eager to make a change in their community. We will give these candidates the tools for success by using our resources to provide spiritual leadership, skill development opportunities, and personal mentors. If you are interested, or know someone else who would be a perfect fit, you can get more information and apply as a candidate at www.CraveFLA.org.

Come learn with us as we find our way to beloved belonging, explore powerful ideas about social innovation, and develop creative ways to lead the work the world desperately needs. Follow our journey and hear our stories:

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