Crave Leaders are laying the groundwork for social justice projects. They experience holy discontent, demonstrate courageous perseverance, and exude charisma. 

Volunteer time and talent are the lifeblood of the Crave Universe, “connecting the dots” so Crave Leaders can access skills, information, and relationships to set ideas into motion. 

Crave Leaders meet together twice a month – once as a group and once as a group with a Community Partner. They also meet once every couple of weeks with a Coach.

Community Partners are subject matter experts who lead a professional development workshop on topics such as funding, scaling, covenanting, or mobilizing. We are always looking for people willing to offer a Friday morning of their time to meet with our Crave Leaders. Email info@cravefla.org for more information, or to volunteer.

Coaches meet with a Crave Leader intensely for 9 months to aid them in expanding their network, growing their project, deepening their spiritual journey, and refining their community- and self-leadership tactics. Coaches meet with a Crave Leader once every couple of weeks to help them align their spirit, their goals, and their resources. From March to October, you are their anchor, their lighthouse, and the oil to their engine. Email Coaching@cravefla.org for more information, or to volunteer.

Learning Partners have an abundance of talent to make up for a lack of time. A specialized set of skills could be critical for a Crave Leader who doesn’t even know they need it yet. If you have a soft spot for helping those doing good, fill out this form and you will be added to a list of local resources to Crave Leaders. In addition, you may be invited to special events from time to time that fit your interests and capabilities. Email info@cravefla.org for more information, or to volunteer. 

If you want to learn more about volunteering with Crave, please let us know!