August 2022 – Elshan Asadi

My Crave Experience It was an abrupt change. I was lost – Out of the la-la-land, into the sea – drowning in an ocean of intangible species. I found myself knocking on doors. Crave was one. A random email led to a bigger connection. I can’t describe how it feels like to play two opposite […]

March 2022 – Chantel Aquart

Come. Rest. “I hope that Crave can be the place this year that says “Come” to all our leaders who are laboring and are heavy laden. “Come. Rest.”  ~ Spoken by Chantel Aquart, Chair-elect, at the Crave V Welcome Dinner in February, 2022 Chantel speaking at the 2022 Welcome Dinner. The full verse of Matthew […]

October 2020 – Dylan McCain Allen

Central Florida knows how to come together. So why can’t we work together? Our community is so good at building a network and making connections to ideas and people that matter. When we can, we love to collaborate. But, we don’t cooperate well at all.  To me it feels like trying to sweep a floor […]

September 2020 – Shelly Denmark

The Ever-Expanding Crave Universe” Stephanie Preston Hughes: “Is the Crave Universe an intentional description?” Me: “I don’t know. I’ll have to ask Michele Van Son Neill, our Founder.” SPH: “Because it’s a perfect analogy to the ever-expanding universe we live in. The Crave family keeps getting bigger as we help people make more and more […]

May 2020 – Shequila Roberts

Mothering During A Pandemic Cooking. Cleaning. Homework. Laundry. Children fighting. Children eating. Homeschooling … all while being an essential worker. This is truly enough to make me want to pull out my hair. And as a single mother, let me just say, these last few weeks have been very challenging, to say the least. However, […]

January 2020 – Chantel Aquart

Look and See! 5…..4….3….2….1 Happy New Year!!! This was the phrase heard the world over just last month!  Even those who didn’t know one another shared the sentiments of happiness for a new era. With thoughts of fresh beginnings we all hoped for the best when the year turned to 2020. So where are you now? Do we still […]

January 2019 – Sade Adeyemi

  I spent one of my first few hours as a Crave Leader in tears. Here I was, in a room full of ambitious, established people dedicated to their respective causes and making major moves within their communities, and I, a recent grad with bright blue hair and little experience in the real world, was […]

January 2019 – Chantel Aquart

Organize – verb      1. Arrange into a structured whole; order         Synonyms: assemble, systemize, declutter      2. Make arrangements of preparations for (an event or activity); coordinate I believe that the ability to organize your life is a critical skill that should be taught to us from a young […]

November 2018 – Frank Bailey, Jr.

My name is Frank Bailey, Jr. and I CRAVE to make the world a better place by teaching life skills through plant cultivation with Grow Orlando. We hire disadvantaged youth and teach them how to harvest their seeds of potential and become Stewards of Creation. While cultivating food and taking our students through classes of […]

October 2018 – Dylan McCain Allen

Our home is vibrant as it is complex, which is why collaboration is necessary to get our neighborhoods ready for just about anything. The Pulse Nightclub Shooting and 2017 Hurricanes brought communities together like never before, but disjointed funding efforts and duplicated services made it hard to effectively align community needs with assets. A Gift […]

Crave II Orlando Kickoff

Crave II Orlando has begun! As strangers, Orlando-based social innovators gathered for an overnight retreat to begin the work of vulnerably sharing our stories, hearts, and dreams with one another. Desire for belonging and safety produced regular laughter, connection, and collective contagious creative hopefulness. The new Crave Leaders’ courage and passion made that Something More […]