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About Crave Orlando

Crave Orlando is a soulful community of social change leaders and innovators. The City Beautiful is growing in diversity, opportunities, and specific challenges that need emerging leaders with a heart for justice and a commitment to positive impact. Within this open, affirming, and loving learning container we develop professional skills required to lead our important projects, expand our mentors who can guide us, and together experience the Divine that grounds, inspires, and pulls us into such transformational work.

Orlando Crave Leaders

Orlando Crave Board

Dylan McCain Allen

Donor and Partner Relations Coordinator and Grants Manager at A Gift For Teaching

Faith Buhler

Owner at Balance Bodyworks LLC

Shelly Denmark

Crave Staff - Director of Leadership Programs| Pastor at United Methodist Church

Phillip Henry

Crave Chair/CAP/Financial Planner at SmartWealth

Katrina Jackson

Crave Treasurer

Laura Toshie

Crave Secretary

Michele Van Son Neill

Crave Staff - Founder and Executive Director | Deacon at United Methodist Church

Jarvis Wheeler

Statewide Director of Community Partnership Schools at Children’s Home Society of Florida

Karen Winterkamp

Crave Staff - Director of Operations