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You received this link because you would likely be a great match for an exciting effort to provide accompaniment to promising new, mostly spiritually unaffiliated leaders who serve emerging common cause communities (think: education, homelessness. hunger).

A new generation of leaders is burgeoning to address our country’s crisis of isolation and spiritual poverty. These leaders — like the people they serve — tend to be religiously unaffiliated, and yet they work every day to bring longing hearts into meaningful, life-giving, transformative communities.

What these leaders say they need, above all else, is companionship by elders/learning partners and spiritual enrichment. Those of us with roots in institutional religious life may recognize these longings by other names like spiritual direction and formation. If you are someone who has a heart for walking along side an emerging leader in our community, please take a few moments to tell us more about yourself below.  We promise to follow up with you for a deeper conversation regarding this remarkable opportunity.

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