Morgan Harvey

A lifelong Orlandoan, I have deep roots in its community. Not only was I born and raised in the heart of the city beautiful, but I now hold a graduate degree in Nonprofit Management from one of its most prestigious universities, the University of Central Florida.

I was the youngest director at my organization, Organize Florida and Organize Florida Education Fund. Organize Florida and Organize Florida Education Fund were community-based, nonprofit and nonprofit member organizations of low and moderate income people dedicated to the principles of social, racial, and economic justice and the promotion of an equal and fair Florida for all. In 2018, the organization experienced a staggering amount of growth, of which I am proud to say I was a part. As the Program Design & Data Director I was able to expand our programs and help build internal systems to support the work of the organization and its staff. I was inspired to join Organize Florida because the organization’s work is more than just a Band-Aid solution. Organize Florida was after systemic, long-term change and I needed to be a part of something that had the potential to change the lives of everyone for the better.

Which brings me to Crave. I am most excited about Crave’s potential to have an open dialogue that not only helps you build on your goals but allows for a diversity of perspectives.


Molli Miller

My name is Molli Miller, and I grew up in Jacksonville. I am the owner of Molli Miller Surf School. I love surfing, teaching, children, the outdoors and nature, traveling, filling other people’s buckets and using my creativity. This business allows me to use my greatest gifts to do what I am most passionate about while serving others. I am most excited about bouncing ideas off of each other in the Crave community. I also support

Kelsey Kerce

An Orlando native with a Spanish soul, I love experiencing other cultures, seeing how other people live, and considering the way language shapes the way we think. I’m a learner. I love listening to experts, enthusiasts, and the curious-minded. In my work with Playground City, my job is to discover what it is that inspires young people to move from “hanging out’ to “geeking out,” and connect that learning in “geeking out” to real-world opportunities. It took me a long time to figure out what my passions were, and so I love Playground City because it makes it possible for youth to discover interests and passions. I’m most excited to participate in Crave for the opportunity to grow my knowledge of good leadership and to grow alongside an intimate community of like-minded change makers.

Katy Cuthill Steinberg

Despite moving nearly 26 times, I name Winter Park as the place I am “from.” That said, I and my family comprised of husband, Jeff, and daughters, Macie and Sadie, have been in Ormond Beach since 2007 or “my whole life” as the kids would say. I have completed a Bachelor’s in Business with minors in Mass Communications and Economics from the University of Florida, and a Master’s in Divinity from Columbia and University of Dubuque Seminaries. Among my social contacts, it became clear a few years ago that there were inadequate venues for spiritual exploration for people who didn’t feel like they fit or didn’t feel welcome in churches. From this consensus, the idea was born for Missing Peace — A place where doubter and disciple could both gather for spiritual practices, physical activities, cerebral discussions and serving opportunities. To do this, we began meeting in August of 2015 as a nomadic community of sorts. We would meet weekly and travel the area seeking these different experiences in order to connect with each other and the divine in meaningful ways. I am excited to collaborate with other creatives and outside the box thinkers on ways to do my work both efficiently and effectively, as well as benefit from the accountability of mentoring and cohorts naturally provide.


Jennifer McKinney

When I first began my wellness career almost 15 years ago, I thought wellness was all about minutes on the treadmill and counting calories. While movement and mindful eating do play a role in the process of moving towards a happier and healthier life, there is a bigger picture to look at when it comes to wellness. Good health is not achieved simply by changing your diet, it is achieved when you cleanse both your body and mind. You are not only what you eat, but what you think as well.
As a Self Care Coach I help people find inspiration within themselves to take better care of their minds and their bodies. Through Self Care practices and simple yet effective tools like movement, mantras, journaling, and energy work, self care slowly transforms into Self Love. With this love of the self, finding moments to nurture and restore are easy to find. One becomes pulled into the work, instead of feeling they must be pushed.
I use my Sports Medicine Degree and Health and Fitness Master’s to help create safe physical body experiences, tailored to meet your needs. I am also a 300 Hour Yoga Instructor from Warrior ONE Yoga & Spin and a Reiki Master.
Self Care saved my life and I am stoked to spend my days helping others do the same. We always have a choice. Are you ready? Visit me at Mindbody.Coach for all current offerings.

Hanah Murphy

Hanah Murphy is a life-long Floridian and food justice seeker. After earning a B.A. in Environmental Science and Policy from Florida State University, she directed an urban farm focused on increasing local food accessibility and strengthening social networks by bringing people together at the table. Her resolution to advance community health through a more grassroots approach continued in the non-profit sector where she led curriculum development and collaborative initiatives with Playground City. These local-level activities revealed persistent systemic injustices and fueled her passion for finding ways to empower people to build alternative systems that are centered on care and deep community. At the Maryland Institute College of Art, she completed a Master’s in Social Design with this charge to investigate the intersection of technology, cultural tradition, and resiliency as it relates to the evolution of food systems and urban design. Hanah continuously seeks to infuse curiosity, playful learning, and good food in all of her pursuits and partnerships.

Alejandro Musa

My name is Alejandro Musa, I’m from Argentina and I’m a skateboarder, among other things. I got into skateboarding shortly after moving here 17 years ago and have been devoted to it ever since. Throughout the last decade, I’ve immersed myself in initiatives that enrich the skateboarding community and promote the good that can come out of it. Skateboarding engages youth in a way that not many things can nowadays, it encourages creativity and individuality to a degree that could positively influence all areas of life. I’m an advocate to the advancement of skateboarding and want to make the most impact in my community by leading an organization that does just that. A place that advocates, educates, and provides a safe space for generations to come is what I want to create. I’m excited for the opportunity to work with Crave and look forward to the growth that could come from it!

Adam Hartnett

I am Adam Hartnett and am 32 years young. I grew up in Merritt Island, Florida with my parents and five incredible sisters who have now provided me with seven — going on eight — fantastic, lively, beautiful nieces and nephews. I also am privileged to have an incredible group of wise and hilarious friends who also mean the world to me. If it weren’t for my family and friends, I would most definitely not be where I am today. They have loved and supported me when I didn’t know how to do that for myself. They have taught me how to own my loud and crazy side while still leaving space for the quiet and somber. And they’ve probably challenged me in ways they don’t even know. My family and my close friends have shaped me, and I think I turned out pretty alright…
Early in my life, I developed a curiosity for people who are different from me, traveling to Nicaragua, Vancouver, Canada, Guatemala, and other places that were just around my community. I continued traveling to a small rural village called Chontala in Guatemala throughout my time in college. My travels to Chontala have shaped my understanding of myself and the way I view people from different backgrounds. Each new person has a unique story to tell. I see it as my privilege and honor to listen and to learn from these stories.
In December of 2013 I earned a master’s degree in Social Work with a focus on Social Policy and Administration from the Florida State University! While in school I worked at various jobs and internships that served to deepen my understanding of people from diverse backgrounds. I spent a couple of summers as a youth counselor at Warren W. Willis Camp, served as a research assistant with the Institute for family Violence Studies at FSU, and worked as an intern and volunteer coordinator at the Big Bend Homeless Coalition. I am currently employed by St. Luke’s United Methodist Church as the Director of Neighborhood Ministries. In this position I am lucky to have my dream job, connecting two groups of very different people together to work toward a common goal: ending poverty and the affects it has on folks with a low income. I work with the residents of East Winter Garden to make positive improvements in their neighborhood through the help of volunteers from St. Luke’s United Methodist Church. There are many pieces to this work, but in general we focus on Educational Support, Family Economic Stability, Safe and Secure Housing, and Neighborhood Health and Well-being.
When I’m not living the dream with the residents of East Winter Garden, I enjoy reading, riding my bike, playing volleyball, and traveling.
As weird as it sounds, I am excited to be partnered with Crave because I don’t think I fully understand what’s going on yet. Mysterious, nebulous things excite me; it feels like I get to help shape them. I do hope to eventually understand how Crave will help me end poverty in East Winter Garden and maybe, if it’s possible, help me translate the work I’ve been doing to more communities in Orlando, Central Florida and as far as is feasible. Goddess knows I need all the help I can get.