Seven Charlestin

Hi, my name’s Seven Charlestin. I’m a teacher, mentor, and lifelong resident in Pine Hills, Florida. It is my passion to create things. I started my organization Las Semillas: The Seeds of Pine Hills a year and a half ago because I wanted to create networks for my community so more people have access to crucial resources, and because providing goods and services through community organizing builds a sustainable network of relationships in Pine Hills.

Las Semillas isn’t a traditional 501c3, and that’s intentional. The ability to create and maintain a sound 501c3 is costly and not something easily attainable for the large amount of people in Pine Hills living in poverty. We wanted to build something that can be accessible and replicated by the neediest of our residents. Our aim is to make sure we develop in an inclusive way. We know this comes with a lot of adversity and liability, but we believe in the community’s ability to make a way.
A network of people and programs like the one we’re creating currently doesn’t exist. As we lay down the structure for these networks to co-exist, we’re breaking down barriers and working to create a more fruitful Pine Hills for everyone.


Shala Edwards

Shala Edwards has set out to eliminate poverty for families of girls who attend Title I schools in Indian River County as the Founder of Treasure Coast Girls Coalition.

Dedicated to honoring the memory of her grandparents’ Robert and Ola Mae Smith, the Gifford native is drawing from her diverse life experience and continuing education to provide equal opportunities in STEM for girls and young women ages 9-18.

Prior to founding TCGC, Edwards has held Florida leadership and development roles at Crossover Mission, Vero Beach, and Gulfstream Goodwill, Palm Beach. She earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Organizational Management from Indian River State College and is currently pursuing an MBA at Lynn University. A certified Trauma and Resilience Practitioner, CTRP, her community involvement includes membership in the National Association of Fundraising Professionals, AFP/Treasure Coast Chapter, and the American Association of University Women (AAUW.) In her spare time, she enjoys serving her community through volunteering, advocacy, improving social disadvantage, and increasing economic security.

Lo-Ammi Richardson

Lo-Ammi Richardson is familiar with the struggles and challenges facing students today. Between the ages of 15 to 25, he was trapped in a lifestyle of fighting, skipping school, and selling drugs leading to multiple juvenile arrests. This behavior led to bad decision-making, low academic performance, and wasted opportunities. His life took a positive turn when he attended a Youth Conference in Kentucky. Since that conference, he has traveled the world sharing his inspiring story detailed in his book I Am is Greater than I Was; From Identity Lost to Purpose Found.

Lo-Ammi has experienced firsthand the hardships and trials that students face when trying to enter college, graduate , and contribute to American societal and economic life. Lo-Ammi seeks to use his story to serve and motivate students to find their inspiration, calling and purpose. As a speaker he seeks to serve and motivate students to successfully complete their postsecondary education and excel at their local school. Lo-Ammi is a first-generation college graduate completing his bachelor’s degree from top renowned HBCU Oakwood University. Having triumphed over the adversities of growing up in a low-income community and attending a Title 1 High School.

His story is one of hope and a purpose discovered. Lo-Ammi’s experiences have led him to become the motivational speaker he is today. Nationally, he has traveled touching the lives of many young people. Traveling over 25 states, and internationally from Canada, Africa, Trinidad and Tobago, Taiwan, and the Middle East. Lo-Ammi is uniquely equipped to ignite this generation of students to believe that all things are possible while helping them find their calling and purpose in this culture.

Keisha and Mark Bishop

Keisha Bishop is the President and Co-Founder of The Lyles Brothers Sports Foundation (LBSF).
She and her sons, who are professional Track and Field athletes, have chosen to enhance their
communities by creating LBSF. LBSF’s mission is to empower youth through the advancement
of mental and physical health and wellness. LBSF’s vehicle for reaching the youth is community
outreach in the form of sports camps, Meet & Greets with professional athletes, and
workshops. The foundation brings awareness to mental health, nutrition, performance anxiety,
learning disabilities, and college preparation. As a former Track and Field athlete and Seton Hall
University Hall of Fame Inductee, she has chosen to use her influence to help today’s youth
become the best version of themselves.

Keisha is currently the CEO and Founder of Bishop Athletics Consulting, the President of The
Lyles Brothers Sports Foundation, and a Certified Life Coach. Having raised 2 children with
Dyslexia and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), she is an advocate for youth and helping them be
the best version of themselves they can possible be. She is the wife of Mark Bishop, and
they have a blended family of 7 children. Their son, Josephus Lyles, is currently ranked 11th in
the World in the 200m. Their other son, Noah Lyles, is the 2020 Olympic Bronze Medalist in the
200m. Keisha believes everyone has a gift that can make the world a better place for everyone.


Lewis Family

The mission of Ray of Light Resource and Development (ROLRD) is to help break the cycles of violence, neglect, and abuse in disinvested communities by offering programs that facilitate transformation of women of color seeking to overcome generational trauma through reflection, self-discovery, and empowerment. ROLRD’s leadership team:

Anthony Lewis has 35 years of ministry leadership experience in preaching/teaching, counseling and mediation, capital project management, strategic decision making, and overall direction of church staff and membership.

Edrewnae Lewis is a retired educator and administrator with masters degrees in education and educational leadership, and over 30 years in private and public education in Chicago, IL and Orlando, FL.

Antoniah Lewis is a project manager, change agent, and strategic advisor. She holds a Masters in Business Administration from Roosevelt University and has 20 years of professional experience in strategic management, process improvement, and organizational development.

All experiences culminate to a leadership team that is spirit-led, conscientious, compassionate, goal-oriented, and committed to community service.

Team Lewis

Caleb Hylton

My vision with XponentialCZN (Change iZ Now) is to create a community of like-minded individuals who wish to create lasting change. Comprised of three main pillars, I seek to empower people through Financial Literacy, Mental Health advocacy, and Affordable Housing accessibility.