Marquis McKenzie

Marquis innovation is to teach at risk youth entrepreneurship with the goal to keep them from reentering the judicial system. He has created the Community Outreach Enterprise Corporation entrepreneurship program with a goal of transforming participants lives by showing them first, other ways to make legal money and second, to connect each participant with mentors who have been through the judicial system or have been directly impacted by the system and who are now entrepreneurs.

Olivia Blase

During her time in Crave, Olivia worked for nonprofits that served women and youth in Orlando. In 2020, she moved to Spain to teach English where she worked for two years in a school with kids from immigrant families. Now, she works as a freelancer, offering marketing and operations support to various organizations and companies, especially that work with women and mental health. Her passions are storytelling, cross-cultural communication, and education.

Shequila Roberts

Shequila facilitates workshops for women and youth. Her target audience is single mothers. Her goal is to emotionally and mentally develop mothers, with the aim of improving mother-child positive bonding, and increasing the mother’s involvement in their child’s education.

Shequila began her servant-leader advocacy by providing resources for at-risk youth. She pivoted to focus on single mothers (and often aging grandparents) when she realized the youth were going back into toxic homes. Shequila founded Determine Now, a local non-profit (501c3), to help families create positive impacts intergenerationally. Determine Now believes a strong community support system is vital for families to succeed.

Jarvis Wheeler

Jarvis Wheeler is the Statewide Director of Community Partnership Schools with Children’s Home Society of Florida. He is responsible for developing best practices, increasing support to the field, to ultimately improve outcomes in the schools that CHS leads across the state from Pensacola to Miami. Wheeler joined CHS in 2013, serving as the community partnership school director of his hometown school, Evans High School, the first of its kind.

Wheeler has over a decade of experience in prevention programs and services for underprivileged youth and communities. Wheeler holds master’s degrees in both social work and public administration from Florida State University. Prior to his work at CHS, Wheeler served as a high school teacher and mentoring program coordinator in Orlando and Tallahassee Florida.

Wheeler has been an avid community volunteer serving as Youth Advisor, NAACP; Mentor, Big Brothers, Big Sisters; and Task Force Member for the Central Florida Urban League. In 2015, Wheeler was the recipient of the Educator of the Year Award from Orange County Government. In 2016, he watched his class of 22 all-male students’ graduate, who he taught since ninth grade. Each was accepted into a four-year college or university, receiving over $50,000 in scholarships, and enlisting in over 2000 hours of community service.

Blu Bailey

Blu Bailey is the founder of The Write, an organization focused on mentoring teens through creative writing, poetry, spoken word and hip hop culture. She began with life-skills workshops with youthful offenders at 33rd Street Jail and currently works with poetry clubs in schools and local creative spaces. Her mission is to pioneer safe spaces that encourage youth to further their creative expression and personal growth as agents for social change.