Kelsey Evans-Amalu

Dr. Kelsey Evans-Amalu is a professor of Social Studies Education at Delta State University in Cleveland, Mississippi. Her work focuses on the use of mindfulness, empathy, and compassion in K-12 and higher education.

Kelsey is a yoga and meditation instructor, with a diverse background in teaching and training yoga students of all populations. You can also catch Kelsey on PBS as the star of “Happy, Healthy Kids”, putting her research into practice.

Kelsey’s desire is to create a membership-based mobile meditation studio in the Orlando area, offering continuous, daily guided meditation practices for those exploring meditation, or those who want more accountability and community with their practice. Ultimately, her desire is to create a studio that offers a more mindful community, and one offers mindfulness-based intervention (MBI) skills to combat rising psychological distress in the Orlando area. This “studio” concept will ultimately have a non-profit focus catering to high needs and marginalized populations.

While Kelsey’s project is still in the initial stages of conception, she invites you to visit her website to discover more about her personal offerings at

Joshua Footman

I am starting an organization called Spread the Love Foundation to bring an innovative concrete block technology to build affordable housing. I am committed to building communities where the people (specifically low-income and/or homeless population) can be encouraged to improve educationally. I am motivated, because it is my story. I grew up in Orlando homeless and poor. Living in at-risk communities, being told nothing good can come out of my community, is my personal story. I have a love for my fellow man, and that love pushes me to say ” I must DO something.” I don’t look for athletes, superstars, or politicians to start the cause. I AM the Cause.

Shannon Hutchison

I grew up in Oviedo Florida and am a proud Florida native. I graduated from the University of Central Florida with a degree in Elementary Education, and I am currently teaching 4th grade. I am also working toward my Masters Degree in Mental Health Counseling with a focus on trauma therapy at Asbury Theological Seminary. I have 3 beautiful, sassy daughters: Jubilee (3rd grade), Clementine (1st grade) and Amelia (Kindergarten). Because of the pandemic, we are currently homeschooling, so 2020 has been an adventure! I enjoy being outside, good coffee, and the theme parks.

Central Florida is severely lacking in rape/sexual assault education, resources, counseling and services. I would seek to set up a Non Profit that walks along rape survivors of all genders, races and religions from beginning to end, to try and curb the number of PTSD cases and suicides that happen from the trauma of rape and sexual assault. I am working on producing education, advocacy and support for sexual assault and rape survivors in Central Florida called SOAR.

Simon Adams

I am working on developing an online service to promote financial literacy with niche outreach into impoverished communities. The goals of my social enterprise work are to teach youth/young adults in these communities how to make, keep and multiply money, while also building a sense of community through arts and activism simultaneously.

Shanay Pugh

Shanay Pugh is a writer, bible teacher, speaker, and Certified Christian Coach. She resides in Florida with her husband and three children. She has a passion to see men and women experience freedom and walk in their God-given identity. She hosts a monthly women’s Bible study group called R.E.S.T.O.R.E. where she teaches biblical principles and application. Her mission is to teach women that they are commanded to rest from the busyness of life. Shanay is passionate about the gospel and has dedicated her gift of writing to bring glory to the kingdom of God. She authored a book for the divorcee “Rebuilding After Divorce- A Heart to Heart Resource for the Christian Woman.” Shanay is not shy about her love for God and has committed to serving her family, friends, and clients to achieve God’s best for their lives. She is Certified in Biblical Studies and holds a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. Before being a coach, she served the prisons and jails as a correctional officer retiring with over 14 years of experience. She hopes to bring the message of restoration to the prisons and jails so that men and women can walk into their spiritual identities.