Lakechia Jackson

My name is Lakechia Jackson. My organization, Helping Hands from Our Sisters, provides hot meals, clothing, shoes and personal care to men, women and children in the Sanford community. We also assist with online job searches resumes and, if if honored with an interview, we assist proper attire and free transportation to and from interview. Our mission is to eliminate hunger and food insecurity in the Sanford community by providing essential resources, engaging in community involvement, and collaborating with partners to empower individuals and address root causes.

HHFOS began in 2022. Everything we do comes from a pure heart. We treat everyone with love; no one gets left behind.

As a Leader, I feel it is important to always prepare for the unexpected. FOCUS, STRENGTH AND FAITH always gets me through any situation, and leading HHFOS is no different.

Our short term goal for 2023 is to be able to assist more people to find permanent housing.


Eli Salhab

Eli Salhab is the founder and owner of 4 The Kids Entertainment, a leading provider of entertainment and event-planning services for children. A devoted husband and father of four children, Eli is also an active member of his community, serving as a leader and mentor to those around him.

In addition to his work with 4 The Kids Entertainment, Eli is a sought-after motivational speaker and inspirational artist. His passion for inspiring others to achieve their dreams has led him to speak at various conferences and events, where he shares his insights and experiences with audiences of all ages.

Eli’s dedication to his family, community, and career has earned him a reputation as a dynamic and respected leader. He is committed to making a positive difference in the lives of those he encounters, and his boundless energy and enthusiasm inspire others to do the same.


Annakay Kenlock

My name is Annakay Kenlock. My organization, A.J. Special Needs Disability Center, Inc. seeks to protect developmentally delayed individuals from molestation and domestic violence. AJ Special Needs Disability Center hopes to empower individuals to strive to become something in life, and to understand a disability diagnosis is something one can overcome.

Jessica Thibou

Hello I’m Jessica Thibou. I am a teacher by profession and currently teaching 5th grade in Tampa. My educational journey led me to earn my B.A. in Hospitality Management at UCF and my Masters in Communications Management at Webster University. Neither of these accomplishments would have been possible, without the love and support of my family. God has truly blessed me with a solid support system.

I have been in the educational field for 7 years and I love nothing more than to help my students recognize and fulfill their highest potential. My passion is working with students in small group settings and using various intervention techniques to help them read on/above grade level. I choose to work with elementary age children because this is where a love for learning can be nurtured.

I have strong values for perseverance, patience and consistency and these are what I try to instill within each of my students. Our future leaders are sitting in classrooms all around the world…and I appreciate the role that I play, ensuring that our future will be better than our past and present!

I have a teenage son, and I enjoy spending my free time with him and my other family members. I grew up in Brevard County, but my family heritage is from the Caribbean Islands of Antigua and the Virgin Islands. I am a big foodie, and I love to write! I hope to instill this love of writing with the children I meet.

Laticia “Nikki” Boswell

My name is Laticia Boswell, but most know me as Nikki. I was born and raised in Vero Beach. I am a wife and mother to 3 beautiful children. I worked in early childhood learning for 20+ years before venturing off. Since leaving the education field, I published a book about my life journey, and I founded Helping Hands Program of South County.
Helping Hands Program of South County, is an after school/summer camp program. We focus on helping under children in the community of Oslo and others who live in southern Indian River County. We seek to build youth empowerment by elevating young people as respected and trusted leaders in their communities. We offer mentorship to develop character and leadership skills in young adults through a diverse schedule of in-school and after-school programming designed to support the emotional and social development of our young participants, as well as their educational growth.
From academic support to programming that strengthens positive identity and awareness, our programs work hand and hand with the
local schools to help our youth reach their full potential. The strategies we use are customized to each parent and their child. We help parents develop a more effective way to communicate with the their child’s teacher, and teach them to listen to their child in a different way. We have learned when a child learns she or he has a voice, it inspires everyone involved. Making sure children’s voices are a part of the solution and the rewarding future makes all the difference!


Joni Pugh

Joni Pugh is CEO and Founder of The Miracle House, Inc. The Miracle House believes in the passionate pursuit of excellent success,  uncompromising services, and integrity. We operate with a service culture that is deeply rooted in the fabric of our organizational structure.

The Miracle House, Inc. has decided to venture into the human services industry and establish our own residential living facilities for foster care individuals. We plan to operate in Brevard, Orange, and Seminole Counties as a health-conscious and customer-centric group home business. We want to become a force to be reckoned with by providing our residents with conducive and highly secure accommodations.