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June, 2023
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Seven Charlestin

Hi, my name’s Seven Charlestin. I’m a teacher, mentor, and lifelong resident in Pine Hills, Florida. It is my passion to create things. I started my organization Las Semillas: The Seeds of Pine Hills a year and a half ago because I wanted to create networks for my community so more people have access to crucial resources, and because providing goods and services through community organizing builds a sustainable network of relationships in Pine Hills.

Las Semillas isn’t a traditional 501c3, and that’s intentional. The ability to create and maintain a sound 501c3 is costly and not something easily attainable for the large amount of people in Pine Hills living in poverty. We wanted to build something that can be accessible and replicated by the neediest of our residents. Our aim is to make sure we develop in an inclusive way. We know this comes with a lot of adversity and liability, but we believe in the community’s ability to make a way.

A network of people and programs like the one we’re creating currently doesn’t exist. As we lay down the structure for these networks to co-exist, we’re breaking down barriers and working to create a more fruitful Pine Hills for everyone..