Morgan Harvey

A lifelong Orlandoan, I have deep roots in its community. Not only was I born and raised in the heart of the city beautiful, but I now hold a graduate degree in Nonprofit Management from one of its most prestigious universities, the University of Central Florida.

I was the youngest director at my organization, Organize Florida and Organize Florida Education Fund. Organize Florida and Organize Florida Education Fund were community-based, nonprofit and nonprofit member organizations of low and moderate income people dedicated to the principles of social, racial, and economic justice and the promotion of an equal and fair Florida for all. In 2018, the organization experienced a staggering amount of growth, of which I am proud to say I was a part. As the Program Design & Data Director I was able to expand our programs and help build internal systems to support the work of the organization and its staff. I was inspired to join Organize Florida because the organization’s work is more than just a Band-Aid solution. Organize Florida was after systemic, long-term change and I needed to be a part of something that had the potential to change the lives of everyone for the better.

Which brings me to Crave. I am most excited about Crave’s potential to have an open dialogue that not only helps you build on your goals but allows for a diversity of perspectives.