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September, 2022
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Lo-Ammi Richardson

Lo-Ammi Richardson is familiar with the struggles and challenges facing students today. Between the ages of 15 to 25, he was trapped in a lifestyle of fighting, skipping school, and selling drugs leading to multiple juvenile arrests. This behavior led to bad decision-making, low academic performance, and wasted opportunities. His life took a positive turn when he attended a Youth Conference in Kentucky. Since that conference, he has traveled the world sharing his inspiring story detailed in his book I Am is Greater than I Was; From Identity Lost to Purpose Found.

Lo-Ammi has experienced firsthand the hardships and trials that students face when trying to enter college, graduate , and contribute to American societal and economic life. Lo-Ammi seeks to use his story to serve and motivate students to find their inspiration, calling and purpose. As a speaker he seeks to serve and motivate students to successfully complete their postsecondary education and excel at their local school. Lo-Ammi is a first-generation college graduate completing his bachelor’s degree from top renowned HBCU Oakwood University. Having triumphed over the adversities of growing up in a low-income community and attending a Title 1 High School.

His story is one of hope and a purpose discovered. Lo-Ammi’s experiences have led him to become the motivational speaker he is today. Nationally, he has traveled touching the lives of many young people. Traveling over 25 states, and internationally from Canada, Africa, Trinidad and Tobago, Taiwan, and the Middle East. Lo-Ammi is uniquely equipped to ignite this generation of students to believe that all things are possible while helping them find their calling and purpose in this culture.