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Worth Discovery Journal by Laticia Boswell

Laticia “Nikki” Boswell

My name is Laticia Boswell, but most know me as Nikki. I was born and raised in Vero Beach. I am a wife and mother to 3 beautiful children. I worked in early childhood learning for 20+ years before venturing off. Since leaving the education field, I published a book about my life journey, and I founded Helping Hands Program of South County.

Helping Hands Program of South County, is an after school/summer camp program. We focus on helping under children in the community of Oslo and others who live in southern Indian River County. We seek to build youth empowerment by elevating young people as respected and trusted leaders in their communities. We offer mentorship to develop character and leadership skills in young adults through a diverse schedule of in-school and after-school programming designed to support the emotional and social development of our young participants, as well as their educational growth.

From academic support to programming that strengthens positive identity and awareness, our programs work hand and hand with the
local schools to help our youth reach their full potential. The strategies we use are customized to each parent and their child. We help parents develop a more effective way to communicate with the their child’s teacher, and teach them to listen to their child in a different way. We have learned when a child learns she or he has a voice, it inspires everyone involved. Making sure children’s voices are a part of the solution and the rewarding future makes all the difference!