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Lakechia Jackson

My name is Lakechia Jackson. My organization, Helping Hands from Our Sisters, provides hot meals, clothing, shoes and personal care to men, women and children in the Sanford community. We also assist with online job searches resumes and, if if honored with an interview, we assist proper attire and free transportation to and from interview. Our mission is to eliminate hunger and food insecurity in the Sanford community by providing essential resources, engaging in community involvement, and collaborating with partners to empower individuals and address root causes.

HHFOS began in 2022. Everything we do comes from a pure heart. We treat everyone with love; no one gets left behind.

As a Leader, I feel it is important to always prepare for the unexpected. FOCUS, STRENGTH AND FAITH always gets me through any situation, and leading HHFOS is no different.

Our short term goal for 2023 is to be able to assist more people to find permanent housing.