Jessica Thibou

Hello I’m Jessica Thibou. I am a teacher by profession and currently teaching 5th grade in Tampa. My educational journey led me to earn my B.A. in Hospitality Management at UCF and my Masters in Communications Management at Webster University. Neither of these accomplishments would have been possible, without the love and support of my family. God has truly blessed me with a solid support system.

I have been in the educational field for 7 years and I love nothing more than to help my students recognize and fulfill their highest potential. My passion is working with students in small group settings and using various intervention techniques to help them read on/above grade level. I choose to work with elementary age children because this is where a love for learning can be nurtured.

I have strong values for perseverance, patience and consistency and these are what I try to instill within each of my students. Our future leaders are sitting in classrooms all around the world…and I appreciate the role that I play, ensuring that our future will be better than our past and present!

I have a teenage son, and I enjoy spending my free time with him and my other family members. I grew up in Brevard County, but my family heritage is from the Caribbean Islands of Antigua and the Virgin Islands. I am a big foodie, and I love to write! I hope to instill this love of writing with the children I meet.