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January, 2023
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January, 2018
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Jennifer McKinney

When I first began my wellness career almost 15 years ago, I thought wellness was all about minutes on the treadmill and counting calories. While movement and mindful eating do play a role in the process of moving towards a happier and healthier life, there is a bigger picture to look at when it comes to wellness. Good health is not achieved simply by changing your diet, it is achieved when you cleanse both your body and mind. You are not only what you eat, but what you think as well.

As a Self Care Coach I help people find inspiration within themselves to take better care of their minds and their bodies. Through Self Care practices and simple yet effective tools like movement, mantras, journaling, and energy work, self care slowly transforms into Self Love. With this love of the self, finding moments to nurture and restore are easy to find. One becomes pulled into the work, instead of feeling they must be pushed.

I use my Sports Medicine Degree and Health and Fitness Master’s to help create safe physical body experiences, tailored to meet your needs. I am also a 300 Hour Yoga Instructor from Warrior ONE Yoga & Spin and a Reiki Master.

Self Care saved my life and I am stoked to spend my days helping others do the same. We always have a choice. Are you ready? Visit me at Mindbody.Coach for all current offerings.