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October, 2020
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October, 2018
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Dylan McCain Allen

“Having a heart for the poor isn’t hard, we all have that. But having a mind for the poor, that’s the challenge.” – Michael Fairbanks of Harvard University

No singular person or entity can solve any major challenge of humanity without the strategic, systemic collaboration of others. Collective impact connects all the dots in a community to make lasting, positive change.Dylan grounds community leaders in the importance of educational access and attainment, economic opportunity and equity, individualized belongingness, and reverence to a community’s history(/herstory) and assets. He strives to perfect the efficacy of change-makers in Central Florida. Living every moment for others, ceaselessly learning, and embracing challenges with ferocious vivacity all drive Dylan to greet every sunrise with the confidence that it will always be brighter than the last.Dylan is the a former Chair of the Board of the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network of Orlando (YNPN Orlando). His skills in strategic planning, impact management, technological integration, resource cultivation, research, and partnership development build personal, organizational, and community peace, prosperity, and resiliency. He is also a loud advocate for underrepresented identities in leadership and entrepreneurship.