Christopher J. Cuevas

We live as a shared humanity and every single person is deserving of dignity and honor. I don’t want to live in a world where anyone is left behind. So, why not lean in?

A lifelong peace practitioner, educator, and community organizer, Christopher leads their work for cultural transformation by centering the unapologetic and unwavering power of radical love. A child of undocumented immigrants and a queer person of color, Christopher interconnects their lived experience and drives the necessary heart work of building a culture of peace, compassion, and change through advocating for LGBTQ+, immigrant, and racial justice movements.

Through their work with state, national, and transnationally recognized initiatives and organizations, Christopher has led conversations and facilitated education campaigns specifically addressing structural racism, health equity, and LGBTQ+ issues.

In acknowledgment of their commitment to social equity and LGBTQ+ justice, Christopher was honored by Equality Florida as their 2017 Voice of Equality honoree and in 2018 by the Public Broadcasting Station as an American Graduate Champion.

In 2016, following the horrific massacre at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, FL, Christopher co-founded and served as the executive director of QLatinx, a racial, social, and gender justice movement working toward the advancement of intersecting LGBTQ+ Latinx issues. Under the direction of the United States Department of Health and Human Services’ Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Christopher led efforts to address health disparities, and introduce comprehensive measures and practical solutions that directly support communities living with HIV in the US South. Empowered by the auspice of the Trans Justice Funding Project, the nation’s largest transgender led philanthropic initiative, Christopher has worked to drive nearly $1 million dollars to transgender led and serving initiatives across the continental US and it’s territories.

An avid peacebuilder, Christopher serves on the Board of Directors for the Peace and Justice Institute, an internationally recognized center for peace education. Appointed by Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer in 2019, Christopher served on the Advisory Board for the City of Orlando’s Office of Multicultural Affairs, working to highlight and address the needs of the City’s growing multicultural community. Christopher is currently employed as a grant maker for the Laughing Gull Foundation, the nation’s largest funder of LGBTQ+ initiatives across the US South, and manages a $2 million dollar grant portfolio to support LGBTQ+ organizations working at the intersections of racial, gender, and economic justice throughout the US South.