Chantel Aquart

My name is Chantel Aquart and I believe that when your life is organized, your space, mind and time become synchronized: Synchronized lives lead to more effortless living, reaching goals more efficiently and making life more enjoyable. Unfortunately, we consume so much that it clutters our spaces, our minds and our time, which in turn causes stress, illness, and wasted money. The storage industry in the U.S. is a one trillion dollar industry: we have too much stuff and our possessions have begun to possess us! I have been going to women’s homes professionally since 2005, helping people to declutter and reorder their space and in turn their lives. It’s amazing how transformative it is to actually have less! I’m passionate about helping people get free from the clutter that hinders them and mastering the art of prioritizing what’s most important. I’m excited about being in Crave because I want to deepen my capacity for community connections and polish my professional skills. On a personal note, I love to travel the world with my three children, and I think that’s only possible because I’m organized!