Caitlin White

In her work as a provisional elder in the United Methodist Church, Caitlin serves as the Director of Stetson Wesley, a campus ministry which she has been leading through a revitalization for two years. She also works part-time as a cultivator of Fresh Expressions of Church, an initiative focused on planting experiences of Church primarily for the benefit of people who are not yet members of any church. Each Fresh Expression is totally unique as it connects new people, gathering in new places, finding new ways to form spiritual community. 

Currently her goals are to innovate what it means to be in campus ministry: transitioning Stetson Wesley from a focus on Stetson University alone to a campus ministry network serving multiple campuses, serving the UM Children’s Home in Enterprise, FL and building collaboration and peer support with other campus ministers. Stetson Wesley is undertaking important challenges: bringing recovery meetings to Stetson University for the first time, connecting creative arts and contemplative practice, partnering in interfaith community organizing across Volusia County, creating an LGBTQ+ support community, and expanding with what is possible in campus ministry social justice.