Beatriz Andrekovich

With books, paintings, poems, music, dances, sculpture, art and Hispanic culture, the group Tertulia4gatos has helped instal Hispanic art and culture festivals in several public libraries, city halls, schools in Osceola and Orange counties for 12 years for hundreds of people and receiving numerous awards. Her organization is now extending into Seminole County. Beatriz is in charge of public relations. Tertulia4gatos is also present through volunteers in several public libraries to encourage children, teens and adults to read, to enjoy poems and art, to meet and to form groups to go to museums, theatres, gardens, and to paint. People have thanked Tertulia4gatos for teaching and presenting Hispanic culture from different hispanic countries. The organization also receives thanks for giving people a sense of belonging and connecting to other Hispanics. This is very important because it helps with the anxiety and depression of coming to a new country and leaving everything familiar behind. It also helps people from that Hispanic country and others to see their art and folklore and read books from authors from different countries and see dances and paintings and hear music and maybe also participate in the festivals or in workshops held to learn to paint or dance.