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Angie Royal

Angie Royal was born and raised in Sanford, Florida. She is a second generation native Floridian. Angie will always be at heart:

  • a Pine Crest Elementary super squirrel
  • a Lakeview Middle mustang
  • a Seminole High Sammy Seminole.

Please know it is only by the grace and mercy of God that she is on this team of amazing humans. 

Angie dreams of honeybunnies: a unique boutique, a store without red tape. Honeybunnies would exist to connect a neighbor with a need to a neighbor that can help. All of the profits go back to missions. Angie does not want to waste another second of her life only focusing on herself. She makes a daily decision to take action on behalf of youth in Sanford.

When Angie worked for the McKenzie Wilson Foundation in Jacksonville and more recently in the child welfare operations field in Sanford, her eyes were opened to the many needs of others. During her time in Africa and Honduras, her heart was enlarged even further. The needs Angie observes at home and across the globe vary, but include physical, emotional, spiritual, and medical needs.

Angie takes a stand for others by being moved to action to meet these needs. Angie refuses to sit back, and do nothing any longer. Angie’s primary goal is to meet the varied needs of Sanford youth in order to lead them into being fully alive, whole, healthy, and productive members of society. She chooses to walk out life with everyONE of them by truly listening to them, fighting for their hearts, uncovering their dreams, discovering their unique talents, accepting them just as they are, and just letting kids be kids. Angie works toward this goal as the Family Ministries Coordinator at First United Methodist Church Sanford.

Angie CRAVES to see all generations fully alive where neighbor helps neighbor, and all are gathered with linked arms. What do you CRAVE?