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Amy Karg

My name is Amy Karg. I am an educator and an armed security officer. I have committed myself to a healthier lifestyle of eating, exercising, journaling, and praying. I have found the treasure in me that was buried deep from the significant and sustained trauma I endured in childhood, and I am on the road to loving myself and others again.

My vision in founding Taking Off the Mask is to see a world where every woman who has experienced trauma is supported, empowered, and able to thrive. I envision a future where women heal from their past wounds, embrace their inner strength and resilience, and live lives filled with purpose, joy, and abundance. Through a holistic approach to healing, advocacy for systemic change, and commitment to community collaboration, I want to help create a society where love, compassion, and equality are the cornerstones of our collective humanity. I envision a world where every woman’s voice is heard, her worth celebrated, and her potential unleashed, paving the way for a brighter and more inclusive future for all.