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March, 2018
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Alejandro Musa

My name is Alejandro Musa, I’m from Argentina and I’m a skateboarder, among other things. I got into skateboarding shortly after moving here 17 years ago and have been devoted to it ever since. Throughout the last decade, I’ve immersed myself in initiatives that enrich the skateboarding community and promote the good that can come out of it. Skateboarding engages youth in a way that not many things can nowadays, it encourages creativity and individuality to a degree that could positively influence all areas of life. I’m an advocate to the advancement of skateboarding and want to make the most impact in my community by leading an organization that does just that. A place that advocates, educates, and provides a safe space for generations to come is what I want to create. I’m excited for the opportunity to work with Crave and look forward to the growth that could come from it!