Chantel Aquart

Chantel Aquart is a change agent and founder of Amazing Life Consulting Firm. She teaches individuals, families, businesses and communities how to de-clutter and reorder their space, mind, time, and life for efficiency and synchronicity. Her mission is to help others plan their work, work their plan, and make life work.

Chantel was born in London, England and loves to travel. She has traveled to many locations in Europe, the United States, and the Caribbean, where her parents are from. She hopes to travel the whole world with her 3 children in tow.

Chantel has researched and studied personal development for over 15 years, teaching hundred of people worldwide the benefits of life organization. Chantel has conducted leadership training sessions on topics such as: The Theory of Change Mastery, Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence, Balancing Life, Avoiding Burnout, Managing Difficult Interactions Under Pressure, and
Simplifying Life to Reach Goals. She offers one-on-one and group coaching sessions designed to increase Well-Being and Peace of Mind. Through her faith and healing journey, Chantel has overcome many obstacles in life, and she shares these rich experiences with confidence, knowing that her past trials can help others become triumphant, even in chaos, and find calm.

Chantel is a creative entrepreneur who enjoys finding ways to connect and collaborate with others. Through innovative ways, she connects others to bridges of social capital in their community, and to close the gaps in which otherwise they would fall through. She is a board member, mentor, facilitator, and speaker who is deeply involved in several different community groups and initiatives to end poverty and injustice.