We are a leadership development program founded in 2017 and based in Central Florida that focuses on training grassroots change-makers, community leaders, and social entrepreneurs.

Our program is designed for individuals who have a passion for making a difference in their community through effective leadership. Our training equips leaders with essential skills in business and non-profit management, while also fostering a lifelong commitment to continuous learning through our supportive community

Our curriculum emphasizes

Soul Tending

Project Management Skills

Network Opportunities

We have a strong community of:

Like-minded and collaborative individuals who are passionate about local community transformation

Volunteers from diverse backgrounds dedicated to improving our community for everyone

Donors who understand the value of developing local, active leaders who are committed to making a difference in their communities

We aim to cultivate a culture of purpose and meaning in our program.

We welcome anyone who wants to take a leadership role in creating a better community, whether as a participant, volunteer, or donor. Together, we can help foster local change-makers who are striving to achieve their goals and make a positive impact in their communities.

Join us as we work towards achieving God-sized dreams in Central Florida and beyond.

Interested? Here are ways to participate with CRAVE

Be a Change-Maker

Join Our Community

Be a Catalyst for Change


Amy Karg
Arianna Garner-Lewis
Bradley Dorvilus
Caitlyn Glatting
Cassendra Cadeau
Cassendra Cadeau
Crystal Hamilton
Ester Charlestin
Larico Toliver
Marlene Edwards

A CRAVE Candidate

Is an emerging leader in the field of social entrepreneurship with the following qualities


There’s something not quite right, it demands a response, and it dictates your life agenda.
Others will see that you are up to something magnificent and will eagerly want to be a part of it as well.
Changing the world is no easy task, and you have experienced this firsthand, yet you continue.

You are open to learning from others and sharing your own experiences so that mutual growth can occur

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