An intimate learning community that explores our source of passion and leverages it for the common good.

Crave Leaders

Our Purpose

Crave builds skills and networks for grassroots change-makers through a life-long learning community.

What We Do

We build management skills, expand networks, and propagate a culture of meaning-making.

Core Tenets


First, food meets our craving and fills the soul when shared with friends. Shabbat. Iftar. Eucharist. Food is the manifestation of the overlapping space between sacred/secular.


Second, skills that emerging leaders need, have, and want more of are agreed upon by the group. Throughout the year, the group will field trip, meet amazing people, and be exposed to resources that will expand and deepen the toolbox for their work.

Skills Like These:

Welcome | Funding | Being | Innovation | Scaling | Overcoming | Leading


Third, network is critical when raising funds, expanding a non-profit, recruiting volunteers, or taking it to the next level. Crave offers intimate, relevant connections to a pool of community learning partners who deeply desire to "elder" the next generation of leaders and their projects by asking loving and thoughtful questions.


Fourth, sacred community with amazing people of passion, knowledge, commitment, and inspired leadership is built on authenticity, vulnerability, and shared values. In this space, Crave explores who we are, why we're here, and all about that Something More that drives, inspires, frustrates, and elevates. Sacred community is a safe place to unpack what we've been given about the Divine, why it works or doesn't, and potentially piece together a new view/language/paradigm that does resonate with today, our leadership, and the work we're called to do.



Spiritual Leadership

once a month

We gather, question, and explore ideas, experiences, and traditions in a safe place...starting with breakfast.

Skill Development

once a month

We head out for an adventure to see, interact, and experience community partners, seasoned social innovators and key resources who want to know you and support your leadership.

Meet with your Coach

on your schedule

Every couple of weeks connect with someone who has the resources, knowledge, and contacts you need. They show up to support your growth, your project, and the people you serve.

A Crave Candidate…

Holy Discontent:

there's something just not right, it necessitates a response, and it drives your life agenda.


other people see you are up to something grand, and want to be a part of it too.


changing the world ain't easy, and you've discovered that first hand - and kept going.

Passionately craving the common good?

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Crave Application

This application will take about 10 minutes. There are four sections: 
About You, 
Your Project, 
Your Leadership, and 
Your Meaning-Making. The deadline to apply is August 18th.

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