Dylan McCain Allen

“Having a heart for the poor isn’t hard, we all have that. But having a mind for the poor, that’s the challenge.” – Michael Fairbanks of Harvard University
No singular person or entity can solve any major challenge of humanity without the strategic collaboration of others. Collective impact, when centralized in educational attainment and economic opportunity in addition to respect for individualized identity and dignity as well as community assets, changes everything; this is what Dylan strives to perfect in Central Florida. Living every moment for others, ceaselessly learning, and embracing challenges with ferocious vivacity drives Dylan to greet every sunrise with the confidence that it will never be brighter than the next.
Dylan is the Disaster Relief Coordinator with A Gift For Teaching and Vice Chair of the Board of the Orlando Young Nonprofit Professionals Network (Orlando YNPN). He aims to build partnerships and paradigms that prepare Central Florida for anything: natural catastrophes, man-made disasters, mass homelessness, and yes — even young folks taking leadership positions in our communities!